MailStore 10 – With Full Encryption, Automatic Updates, and More!

MailStore UpdateOur friends at MailStore have been hard at work to make their email archiving solution more secure while providing more flexible administrative features.  With the release of MailStore version 10, users and administrators benefit from the following improvements.

Keeping Archive Data Safe & Secure

Full Encryption of Database & Audit Logs

MailStore has always stored archived email in encrypted format, but now, they take encryption a step further by encrypting the internal databases and audit logs. Now, in addition to the messages themselves being encrypted, metadata such as message subjects, senders, and recipients are also encrypted, as well as the archive folder structure.

Restricted archive access for administrators

By default, MailStore administrators will no longer be able to browse, search, or export email of other MailStore users as long as the compliance setting “Archive Access” (formerly known as E-mail preview) is set to “Block Access.”

Extra Cloud Backup Protection

MailStore now allows you to use a specific recovery key to prevent archive data from being accessed from other systems by unauthorized users. This is useful in situations where cloud storage backup locations are used.

Making Life Easier for Administrators

Automatic Updates with Email Notifications

MailStore now includes an automatic-update feature that notifies the administrator when a new version is available. This helps to ensure that you can always benefit from the latest feature set.

Flexible Storage Location Options

Administrators now have more options when configuring archive stores. Each component of an archive (email content, search indexes, databases) can now have its own storage location.

Many Other Improvements

These are just the highlights of MailStore’s new features. To benefit from all of its new features and enhancements, download MailStore 10 today!

Archive Your Email and Save Money!

Alt-N has been working closely with Mailstore to make email archiving, management and compliance easy to use with your MDaemon server. In fact, MailStore is the product we use here at Alt-N! mailstore-button-distributor-approved

The software works seamlessly with MDaemon to create 1:1 copies of all emails in a central email archive to ensure the security and availability of any amount of data for years to come.

MailStore advantages include:

  • Legal safeguard for email compliance
  • Fast full-text searching of emails and attachments
  • Reducing server workload
  • Saving up to 70% of storage space

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This promotion is for Alt-N customers and resellers who work directly with Alt-N. MailStore uses other Alt-N Distribution partners in various countries for sales and you should check your country for specific sales by visiting the MailStore partner page

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