For Security & Privacy – Easy Email & Attachment Encryption with Virtru

Recently, I created a video and blog post about Virtru Email Encryption for MDaemon, to demonstrate its features, benefits, and ease of use. Following along with its ease of use, I’ve created the following animation to show you just how easy Virtru is to use. Simply enable Virtru support in WorldClient (MDaemon’s webmail client), enable the Virtru features by clicking on the small “V” button within the email compose window, and then click on “Send Encrypted.” It really is that simple!

Virtru Email and Attachment Encryption
It’s easy to encrypt email and attachments using Virtru

For a more thorough overview of Virtru’s features, please see this blog post, or click here to visit our main Virtru page.

Virtru (email and attachment encryption) is included with the MDaemon Messaging Server. Virtru Pro features include Message Revoke, Disable Forwarding, Set Message Expiration, and automatic encryption. Click here if you’d like to purchase Virtru Pro.

Want to learn more about the encryption features offered by MDaemon? Then click here to learn more!

Protect your business from unauthorized access to your important and confidential email messages. Download your free trial of MDaemon today!

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Keeping Email Private with Virtru Client-Side Encryption

Have you ever created an account on a website that you wouldn’t want others to know about, or made travel arrangements, purchased personal items, or set a doctor’s appointment online? If so, then it’s possible that sensitive information about you has been transmitted via email. If any of these situations apply to you, or if you just don’t want anyone to see the cat photos you sent as an email attachment to your neighbor, then you should be encrypting your email. If you send personal or financial information, it’s best to assume that at any given time, someone out there is trying to gain access to that information.

Many small businesses think data breaches only happen to large companies, however, no company is too small to protect itself from outside threats. In fact, many hackers know that smaller companies might be a bit more lax in their security practices, and thus target them more aggressively. This is why email security and encryption are so important.

Virtru recently wrote a blog titled “Four Enterprise Security Statistics that Might Scare You Straight.” Here are some interesting statistics cited in the article:

  • 87% of Senior Managers Upload Business Files to a Personal Email or Cloud Account
  • Email Malware Creation is up 26% Year Over Year, with 317 Million New Pieces of Malware Created in 2014
  • Hackers Targeted 5 out of 6 Large Companies Using Email Attacks Last Year — an Annual Increase of 40%
  • Cybercrime has a 1,425% ROI

So with the above statistics in mind, do we even need to ask why we need encryption? If these reasons aren’t convincing enough, consider these:

  • Firewalls, antivirus, and anti-spyware may provide good protection, but they may not be enough. If one of the above is breached, encryption helps keep data safe.
  • Encryption can help shield businesses and users from government surveillance or other unauthorized access.
  • When you need to send sensitive data, encryption helps keep this data away from unauthorized viewers.
  • Encryption helps companies stay in compliance with HIPAA, CJIS, FERPA, and other government regulations.
  • Encryption helps keep sensitive data out of the hands of criminals and competitors.
  • Encryption helps companies preserve data integrity and privacy policies.

Client-side vs. Server-Side Encryption

Now that we’ve discussed why encryption is important, let’s discuss Virtru and its benefits.

First, we need to make a distinction between client-side and server-side encryption. With client-side encryption, email messages and attachments are encrypted by the sending mail client, and remain encrypted until an authorized recipient opens the message. With server-side encryption, messages and attachments are encrypted on the mail server with no user interaction. MDaemon users can use Virtru to encrypt messages on the client, and MDaemon administrators can use PGP to encrypt messages as they pass through the mail server. In this blog post, we’re going to focus on the client-side Virtru encryption features. If you’d like to learn more about MDaemon’s server-side encryption options using OpenPGP, then check out this blog post & video.

What is Virtru?

Virtru is an easy to use email encryption service that lets you protect private information while using your existing email service.  Encryption converts plain text into gibberish (cipher text) that is unreadable to all except the intended recipient. Virtru offers end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only authorized parties can decrypt your content.

When you send messages with Virtru, your emails and files are locked using strong encryption. Only you and your recipients can decrypt your messages. Separation of content and encryption gives you an extra level of privacy.

Why use Virtru?

Virtru was designed for user privacy and ease of use. Virtru never has access to your passwords and does not store any of your email content on their servers; only the encryption keys. Virtru helps users avoid headaches by managing their encryption keys for them.

Users have two versions of Virtru to choose from. The free version provides encryption and decryption of email and attachments. The Pro version provides the same encryption and decryption features, plus the ability to set message expiration dates, revoke emails, and disable forwarding.

Want to learn more about Virtru? Then  check out the video below for a demonstration, or visit the Virtru page on our website. You can also try out Virtru’s features by downloading your free trial of MDaemon.

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