Malwarebytes False Positive Causing MDaemon DKIM Issues

Our friends at Zen Software posted about an issue with Malwarebytes false positives causing some DKIM issues for MDaemon. What may happen is that MDaemon may start blocking all inbound email because it’s seeing false results that a DKIM message check has failed. This is not an MDaemon problem. What’s happening is that the libdkim.dll file that MDaemon uses as part of the DKIM check is being blocked by Malwarebytes. The solution is simple. Simply exclude the MDaemon directory from real-time or scheduled antivirus checks.

You can read the original post here on Zen Software’s blog.

SecurityPlus 4.5.1 is Now Available

Today, we released SecurityPlus 4.5.1. The most prominent feature update for this latest release is a newer version of the Outbreak Protection engine. Click here to read the release notes.

SecurityPlus provides antivirus and outbreak protection services for MDaemon, and is recommended for all MDaemon installations. Click here to learn more about SecurityPlus.

Click here to watch our SecurityPlus webinar.

Visit the Purchase page to purchase SecurityPlus for MDaemon, and leave us a comment below if you have questions!