Stop Spam & Malware with SecurityGateway – New SlideShare Presentation

Can you imagine what life would be like if we didn’t have anti-spam and anti-virus protection on our email servers and gateways? Users would be so flooded with spam, phishing attempts and malware that they’d have to scroll through many pages of email messages before finding a message that’s legitimate. A good anti-spam/anti-virus mail server or gateway will filter out the vast majority of this nonsense so that the end user can focus on his job.

Most mail servers have some form of built-in spam protection, however, administrators are often faced with these challenges

  • Not enough security features on the mail server to catch many of today’s evolving threats
  • The need for an extra layer of defense between the mail server and the internet
  • Lack of reporting features, which can be used to assess the effectiveness of your email security solution
  • Cumbersome configuration & confusing settings

SecurityGateway was created to address these issues. Many small-to-medium businesses trust  SecurityGateway to protect their inbound and outbound email from spam, phishing attempts, and malware.

The following is a brief presentation that describes SecurityGateway’s features.


Would you like to learn more about SecurityGateway? Click here to visit the SecurityGateway overview page, or click here to download your free trial.



SecurityPlus Webinar Added to YouTube

SecurityPlus provides antivirus and anti-spam services for MDaemon. It scans all inbound and outbound mail traffic for spam, viruses, malware, phishing attempts, and other types of malicious activity to catch potential threats before they have had a chance to infiltrate your network. To learn more about SecurityPlus, including how to configure it & how to identify SecurityPlus activity in your MDaemon log files, check out the following recorded webinar.