New How-to Guide – Migrating from Microsoft Exchange Server to MDaemon

Many companies are spending tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours maintaining a Microsoft Exchange Server as their email and collaboration platform. For small-to-medium businesses without a dedicated IT staff, this can seem like overkill. That’s why our fearless leader, Arvel Hathcock, created MDaemon over 15 years ago. It takes just a few minutes to install MDaemon, and once installed, MDaemon’s security and spam filter settings are pre-configured for optimal performance and results.

To help you with the Exchange-to-MDaemon migration process, we’ve added a new how-to / quick-start guide to our Literature page. The “Migrating from Exchange to MDaemon” guide explains the process for migrating your domains, accounts, mailing lists, tasks, notes, and other information from a Microsoft Exchange server to MDaemon.

If you’d like more information, or if you have questions, please leave us a comment below.

Easy Migration from Microsoft Exchange using MDMigrator

For many small-to-medium businesses, hosting an in-house Microsoft Exchange Server requires dedicated staff and deep pockets. In the mid-90’s, MDaemon was created as an affordable alternative to Exchange that wouldn’t break your IT budget &  required no dedicated staff to administer it. With every installation of MDaemon comes the free Exchange migration utility – MDMigrator. MDMigrator will import all user accounts, email messages, public folders and other settings from Exchange to MDaemon. We’ll show you how easy this process is in this tutorial video.