Manage Employee Overtime with New Email Feature

Companies around the world are faced with the need to manage email access after hours to reduce overtime pay and promote a stronger work/life balance for their employees. MDaemon makes this goal attainable using its Do Not Disturb feature. Do Not Disturb allows administrators to designate a time during which selected users are not allowed to check their email. During the Do Not Disturb period, accounts can still receive email on the mail server, but users cannot send or check for mail using SMTP, IMAP, POP, WorldClient or ActiveSync.

In MDaemon, you can access the Do Not Disturb feature via the Group Manager screen under the Accounts menu. Follow these steps to configure Do Not Disturb.

  1. Select Accounts.
  2. Select Groups & Templates.
  3. Select Group Manager.
  4. Select New Group or click on an existing group to select it.
    Click on New Group to create a user group in MDaemonEnter a Group Name and Description for your new group.Group name and description - MDaemon user group
  5. Click on Add or remove accounts from the selected group.
    Adding Accounts to a Group in MDaemon Messaging Server
  6. Check the box for each account you wish to add to this group, and then click OK.
    Adding Accounts to a Group in MDaemon Email Server
  7. Select the group name under the Group Manager list.
    Select the Group in the Group Manager List
  8. Check Enable Do Not Disturb.
    Do Not Disturb Checkbox - MDaemon Groups & Templates
  9. Click on Define Do Not Disturb Schedule to configure when you would like this feature to take effect.
    Defining a do-not-disturb schedule for selected accounts in MDaemon
  10. Select your desired Do-Not-Disturb schedule, including dates, times, and days of the week, and then click OK.
    Do not Disturb schedule
  11. Click OK to close the Groups & Templates window.

Once these settings are enabled, users who try to access or send email during Do Not Disturb hours will be denied access.

The following video demonstrates how to configure Do Not Disturb.

Do Not Disturb gives administrators and management teams greater control over who has after-hours access to the email system. This feature was added in MDaemon 15.5. If you’re using an older version of MDaemon and would like to upgrade, then visit our Downloads page to download the latest version of MDaemon.

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