Email Privacy and More in MDaemon 15.5


Today we’ve launched the newest version of the MDaemon email server with some exciting new features. Staying true to the company’s focus on email security and end user ease of use, we believe these new features will be welcomed by many of our users across industries.

I’ve outlined some of the features below, but if you’d like a more extensive list, the MDaemon Features by Version page can provide additional detail.

Encryption Layers for Extended Email Privacy

With a growing emphasis in the market on email privacy, MDaemon 15.5 introduces additional encryption features using Vitru and Open PGP to make it easy for users and administrators to keep email communications private.

On the client side, WorldClient users can enable Virtru for end-to-end encryption. Basic encryption for emails and attachments is included for free within the WorldClient settings menu. Virtru encrypts the user’s email and attachments and does not have access to the encryption keys. For organizations that need to comply with HIPAA or need additional security controls, Virtru Pro is available for an annual subscription of only $24 per user. Virtru Pro allows users and administrators to revoke messages at anytime, see and control forwarding, as well as add expiration data to email messages. For Microsoft Outlook users, the same features (free and Pro) are available using the Virtru for Outlook add-on.

On the server side, Open PGP for MDaemon has been added to give administrators the ability to use encryption, decryption, and basic key management capabilities through OpenPGP support. This additional layer helps administrators who want to ensure user compliance by managing encryption settings at the server versus the user implemented client level. Also, MDaemon’s Content Filter now contains actions to encrypt and decrypt messages. And finally, server-side encryption capabilities are beneficial when using email archiving with MDaemon.

Managing Employee Workload and Overtime with Email Do Not Disturb

Companies in many countries are being challenged by the need to manage email access “after hours” to prevent overtime pay and promote a stronger work/life balance. To date, most companies can only implement Human Resource policies to address the issue. To help IT Administrators deliver another layer of compliance to the organization, MDaemon 15.5 introduces its “Email Do Not Disturb” feature.

Located within the Accounts | Groups & Templates settings, Do Not Disturb allows the MDaemon administrator to set a time frame during which email may not be accessed by its users. Accounts in this state will receive incoming mail but users may not be able to login to their MDaemon account or send/reply to messages until the Do Not Disturb period has lapsed.

New Calendar Synchronization Options with CalDAV Support

Support for synchronizing calendars via the CalDAV protocol has been added. Notable CalDAV clients are Apple iCal (Included with Mac OS X), Apple iOS (iPhone), and Mozilla Thunderbird via the Lightning calendar plugin.

Adding Public Contacts Support in ActiveSync

The ActiveSync server has an option to include and merge a user’s public contacts with their default contacts. This allows users of clients such as Outlook 2013, which does not support multiple contacts folders or global address list searching, to access public contacts. The public contacts are read-only and tagged with “Public” and “Read-Only” categories.

Productivity Improvements for WorldClient Users (MDaemon’s Web-based Email)

Browser* Desktop Notifications – When launching WorldClient using the LookOut or WorldClient theme, the browser will prompt the user to allow desktop notifications. If accepted, the user will receive notifications of new email messages, new Instant Messages (in the case that the corresponding chat is not in focus), and any change in status of a chat buddy.
*Desktop notifications are not supported by Internet Explorer.

Password Recovery – If enabled, users who have permission to edit their password will be able to enter an alternate email address to reset their password in case they forget it. Once set, if the user attempts to log in with an incorrect password a “forgot password?” link will appear and direct them to a page that asks them to confirm their password recovery email address. If entered correctly, a message containing a link to a page that allows them to change their password is sent. This feature is disabled by default.

Creating a New Event, Task, or Note via Email – Users can easily convert an email message to an event, task or note. This enables users to more easily follow-up on emails that contain information relevant to projects, meetings or other time sensitive activities.

For pricing to purchase, upgrade or renew your MDaemon license to the newest version, please visit the Purchase, Renew or Upgrade page!

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