Using Auto-Complete with Multiple Domains in WorldClient

WorldClient (MDaemon’s webmail client) includes an auto-complete feature that allows entries in the To: and CC: fields to pre-populate with suggested names & addresses that match the characters you enter as you type. This works when sending mail to local or non-local domains. When hosting multiple domains in MDaemon, steps can be taken to allow this auto-complete feature to populate entries from other MDaemon-hosted domains.

WorldClient’s auto-complete feature will display email addresses that are in any contact list accessible by the user. By default, for each account created MDaemon creates an entry in the public folder for the domain that account was created in. By default this public folder is located at C:/MDaemon/Public Folders/ Also, by default, the public folder of the domain a user is a member of is accessible by that user, so any accounts on the domain to which the user belongs will appear in his WorldClient auto-complete list.

If you want members of other domains to appear in that user’s auto-complete list, grant that user “lookup” and “read” rights to the public “contacts” folders of those domains (located at C:/MDaemon/Public Folders/ You can reach this setting by clicking on “Setup” | “Public Folder Manager.” Click on the folder you wish to update, and then click on “Edit ACLs.”

Folder Access Control
Click “Edit ACLs” to edit folder permissions

To make the contacts lists for all domains on your MDaemon server accessible by all users, in the access control list (“ACL”) for each public contacts folder on your domain, change the rights for “Built-In (anyone)” by highlighting it and clicking on the Edit button.

Shared folder access control list
Click to edit folder access control list

Select at least the “lookup” and “read” checkboxes below.

Shared Folder Permissions
Check the box for each access level

By doing this, you will grant all users on all domains on your MDaemon server permission to view the public contacts for all domains on your MDaemon server. This means that the MDaemon auto-complete feature should display all of the users on all domains on your MDaemon server.

In addition to applying to all public contacts to which a user has access, auto-complete can be configured to work with all addresses to which a user sends an email message. This works by placing an entry for each address in the spam filter white-list, so be careful with this setting because not only will these addresses appear in auto-complete in WorldClient; they will also not be counted as spam (or more precisely, their spam scores will be lowered – per settings under the Spam Filter | Settings screen). When the spam filter’s auto-whitelist feature is configured, addresses that are added to the spam filter white list will be added to the following folder:

Thus, because the user has access to this whitelist folder by default, the entries contained within the folder will also be used for WorldClient’s auto-complete feature.

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