Making Backup Copies of All Mail Between Two Accounts

MDaemon has built-in archiving and content filtering features that can be used to make backup copies of all email messages. In many cases, administrators tend to configure archiving for all messages for all users. But what if you want to just archive messages from one specific address TO one specific address? And what about messages that have already been sent? You’d probably want to back these up, too, and not just future messages sent between these two addresses. Follow these easy steps to set these tasks up.

To archive all future messages between these addresses:

  1. Go to Security | Content Filter.
  2. Click on New Rule.
  3. Under the left-hand Conditions column, check the following two boxes:
    – If the FROM HEADER contains
    – If the TO HEADER contains
  4. Click on “Contains specific strings” for each entry in the bottom section of the window, then specify the sender’s and recipient’s email addresses, and click OK.
  5. Create a folder that you’d like to use for your backed-up messages in Windows. If you’d like to send the messages to one of your public folders, then see Step 1 in the second set of instructions below, then come back to these steps and continue with step 6.
  6. Under the right-hand Actions column, check the box “COPY the message to FOLDER”.
  7. Click on the Specify Information link below and browse to the folder you created in step 5.
  8. Give your content filter rule a name (at the top), and then click on OK.

The above steps will back up all future messages sent.

Backing up all existing messages between these two users:

  1. Create a Backup public folder via Setup | Public Folder Manager. Make sure you have granted only those who are authorized access to the folder via the Edit ACLs button.
  2. Go to Queues | Queues & Statistics Manager.
  3. Click on the User Page tab.
  4. Double-click on the folder that corresponds to the recipient of the email messages you wish to archive.
  5. Scroll down to see the messages (.msg files) contained in this user’s Inbox.
  6. Click on the From column header to arrange the messages in alphabetical order by sender.
  7. Select all messages from the sender whose messages you wish to back up. You can hold down Shift  to select multiple messages at a time.
  8. Right-click on the messages and select Copy.
  9. Select the Backup public folder that you created under Step 1, then click OK.

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