User Accidentally Erased All Contacts?

Has this happened to you? You're the MDaemon administrator, and one of your users has contacted you in a panic because he accidentally deleted all of his contacts from his ActiveSync connected device. The device then re-synced with the server, at which point all contacts were deleted from the server. This is a good case in support of backup & archiving. You just never know when you'll need a backup copy of your data, and most businesses these days can't afford to NOT have a backup solution in place.

To restore the user's contacts, you would simply need to restore the backup copy of the user's addrbook.mrk file, which you can find in the Contacts.IMAP folder of the user's mailbox (example - C:\MDaemon\Users\\frank.thomas\contacts.IMAP). You may also see a series of .MSG files in the same directory within your backup. These .MSG files are created from the contents of the addrbook.mrk file by Outlook Connector. You will not need to restore these .MSG files since they will be recreated automatically. This same concept also applies to your calendar entries (Calendar.mrk&#41, tasks (TaskList.mrk&#41 and notes (Notes.mrk&#41.

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